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[Dwarf.02.05.14] From zero to hero?
                 Hedda and Glaran on adventure, for the first time in eons.

[Orc.01.05.14]   Fankil and Enforcer vs Marillion and Snakr
                 Four no-names run into each other in Eregion. This is what happened...

[Troll.13.02.14] 91 year old troll runs home from Nen-i-Sul.
                 Solmath, year 2979, I head west. After some help from Thelxinoe I manage to get
                 my tired and beaten self back to warrens. The BN rents, and the only other allie
                 is semi-afk. Anyway, some dwarves pursued me...
[BN.11.02.14]    Helping Scab at undeads.
                 I was headed south from Misties, when Scab suddenly sent me a tell as he saw
                 me in his zone, asking me to keep the entrance to undeads clear from pukes.
[2012 and earlier below, 2014 and later above]
[Dwarf.20.12.12] Death within chaos. Mindless fights inside Anduin village, north-west of Ingrove. [BN.??.12.12] An enemy is an enemy. Stealing exp.
[2008 and earlier below, 2012 and later above]
[Orc.29.03.08] Hands shaking, as Vasquez put it. This is an escape log though, not a troll slaughter. [Dwarf.27.03.08] Rowr and Bagrazh on adventure. --- [Orc.23.03.08] We venture Shaghosh's lair. Element of surprise wins the day? [Troll.13.03.08] Bree, Shire, Fornost - rest in peace. Spam. [Troll.10.03.08] BW overkill. We just run over some whities. No bindings rule, I don't know how people play casters without extensive alises/bindings. Brrrr... [Orc.16.02.08] Fast, faster... phew! I and Glenn fight some zaugurz orcs around Ost-in-Edhil.
[2007 and earlier below, 2008 and later above]
[Orc.18.04.07] Groth on the attack. Was tracking down a couple of pukes who had stopped chasing me, which appeared to me be for no apparant reason.
[2006 and earlier below, 2007 and later above]
[Dwarf.29.11.06] Dwarf vs. Orc 1st logon since 29.05.06, got charm from Tharbad, headed for Rivendell to get some command. At Ost-in-Edhil I run into a mounted pounder orc... [Orc.29.05.06] Us vs. them. We entered Moria looking for 4 Norwegians, namely Ullabella and her sisters. [Orc.29.05.06] Fighting Canute and friends. In the end... it wasn't worth it. [Orc.18.05.06] Trail-attack. I run into two zaugurz orcs on my way home, from Dark Tower. [Zau.16.05.06] Scouting GoblinTown. Keeping the quality where it belongs - high. [Troll.14.05.06] Assassination. Premiere for 2006! Troll meets tender meat, at MA.
[2005 and earlier below, 2006 and later above]
[Elf.15.12.05] 4vs1 becomes 1vs2. Modern yelling - not my cup of tea. [Orc.03.12.05] Attacked in warrens. I and Tucker had just fled from 2vs5 at moors, since another group of 5 arrived. On awful/weak Nosfe lands a portal around overhang. The log begin after I cured up some, in cave. [Zau.13.11.05] Bad judgement, guys. Another piece of art... he-he. [Troll.11.11.05] Macke & Gorilla on adventures out west. Macke return to old battlegrounds after a year in retierment. [Orc.02.05.05] Good vs. Evil at Farmer Black's. Hi. Shitchars vs. shitchars(?). [Orc.27.04.05] Fight above Necromancer's dungeons. Verminaard and Carzah reply to someone's pleed for help, and run west. [Orc.26.04.05] Battleground: Master Assassin. Verminaard leading on Stolb and Vip; we fight Aryon, Miean and Eiluvial. [Bn.02.03.05] Gimilzor & Vanimelde rides again. I logged on to play with Gimilzor (for the first time in... two years?); upon log-on he orders me to the outskirts of Tharbad... [Dwarf.30.01.05] Let's try MUME and PK again... No panic, just cool as ice, knowing the outcome as soon as I hear *click*.
[2004 and earlier below, 2005 and later above]
[Troll.04.08.04] A troll orchestra resting at necro. Horndude (Macke), harpguy (Bamm), flutefellow (Sweaty) at necro. Someone decides to fight us. [Troll.04.08.04] The orchestra twiddling in orchbala's. The saga continues... Macke, Bamm and Sweaty looking for trouble. [Orc.03.08.04] The fall of the #2 warlord, Dracol. We had a few encounters, I guess we pissed eachother off a bit by targetting eachother at bad times. I wanted some kind of revenge so I hooked up with a friend to fight him, 2on2 (he'd been leading on one for the past hour(s)). [Orc.28.07.04] Outnumbered at stonedoor. We're 3 orcs at Bree, as we retreat to necromancer we run into a group of 3 whities. They decide to target Mauhur. [Orc.28.07.04] First elf, then dwarf. - [Orc.15.03.04] Two whities on midabr Chickend out in the end, but hell, they cured! [Orc.12.03.04] Charging bloodwight. Newly reequipped with a ringmail set and an enchanted halberd. [Orc.14.02.04] Hot and happening. Helping my friends at the laboratory. [2003 and earlier below, 2004 and later above] [Orc.27.12.03] Dwimmer and Nazghol jumps legends in Malardil. Shamani and smiter vs. cleric, warrior, warrior. [Orc.13.09.03] Fighting Newmie. Logged by Ramtir. [Orc.11.09.03] 3 zaugurz orcs in golbin caves. I was on the phone arguing with my mother for the first 40% of the log, thus my skillful playing. Logged by Ramtir. [Dwarf.23.08.03] Eloin dies to 3 orcs in hillmen... ...I and Mumma run there to pick a fight. [Dwarf.23.08.03] Helping friends to forge. This is one of the two areas I don't know on MUME; thus I hate it. Isildor and Lyrom wanted help with OIE so I brought my group down there. The orcs was up at Bree so it should be safe. [Zau.12.08.03] Pukes BW. Note the cute bug ni the flee-sub, quite annoying if you ask me. [BN.07.08.03] Nibble and Koom. Vanimelde and Gimilzor. [Orc.29.07.03] 9 versus 9 in Dark Tower. If the log look bugged, report it to Sabadon, it's his formatting script! As for the log, well, I'm speechless... [Orc.28.07.03] Rumble in OOC. On our way to 4 Moria pukes we pass old orc caves... [Dwarf.27.07.03] 2vs4 x 2 in stonedoor. Keldorn failed alone so I came to aid him. [Orc.25.07.03] Backing up fellow Minions. Some whities died in lord, other whities got pk hungry. Necro-fight. [Orc.24.07.03] What a waste. That wasn't meant to happen... [Orc.23.07.03] The daily Moria clash. I was suspectin that Balrog was going to get his daily visit so I ran down towards Khuzur with Mummo and Garkan. Voila! 6 pukes just exited old orc caves... [Troll.23.07.03] The dorks are back in town! Logged on Macke for a little trip west. [Orc.20.07.03] Fighting the only whities on-line. ...and what a fight they put up! [Orc.18.07.03] It would've been nice.. By far the shitties log on this page. [Orc.16.07.03] Giving it a shot. Fighting some whities eventhough we're both far from full and fit for fight. [Orc.14.07.03] Chasing whities in Misties. People are complaining so I had to log something. [Orc.15.05.03] A smiter and 150 hps each. Nothing special. [Man.11.05.03] Seeking protection in Alkarambar. What forced me to seek shelter at Amanrandil? This is the pre-play. [Orc.04.05.03] Backing my fellow Minions up. Snowball needs help, let's get going. [Orc.03.05.03] A dwarf in Caravanserai. Same character as below. Reduced on some equipment due to a FIRE failure which resulted in MUME being loading from May, 1st. [Orc.01.05.03] Free exp. Same character as below, same shit equ. [Orc.01.05.03] Doing vellum in dunlands. Playing a level 25 orc warrior in poor equipment. [Orc.21.04.03] Morrigan report us of smobbers. Same group as below charges a lord group. [Orc.21.04.03] Expers "fighting" expers. Four of us exping around RTT, tracking down people who killed what we planned to kill. [Hob.17.04.03] Bad luck. ...yes, bad luck. [Elf.11.04.03] The BNs, part two. Qul had some bad luck with the BNs (see log below), this was the result of his actions. [Hob.10.04.03] The BNs, part one. 132 ob thief, must be unbeatable! [Elf.09.03.03] Hunting Numenoreans. One thing lead to another... [Elf.09.03.03] An orc scout pestering the western lands. Out on a hunt with Pogo. [Zau.04.03.03] At mewlips. Died after being linkless for 15+ mins to Lunom and Chafi at #7 on warlords and full shining. Relogged today and was given an ornate and beje. I run west to Bree and slay an elf and retreive some basic metals. I camp around Bree/Fornost area for a while and at last some pukes decides to fight - let's see how far I got with my new set! [Dwarf.02.03.03] Some leather and a warsword. They told me to log it all.., don't blame me for this crap! [Zau.01.03.03] Close but not close enough. Outsmarted by Ostu. [Zau.28.02.03] Almost as evil as Beorn himself. Eoghha calls for help. [Zau.28.02.03] A cocky orc gets to taste it. I hope this will put him back on groundlevel. [Zau.27.02.03] Spiders and Elves. A pretty good chase. [Zau.24.02.03] Fighting at Bree. Sardaukar leading on two uruks and I'm running around on my own. [Zau.23.02.03] Zigrakh vs. Atastor The title speaks for itself. [Zau.18.02.03] Exciting? No. Level twele, wielding a barbed fang. Lethal. [Zau.13.02.03] Dwarves at fountain of youth. Desc. in log. [Troll.08.02.03] Macke running around in Misties. -> -> [Zau.06.02.03] Cha wimp 0;#100 kill *orc* This not even a log worth mentioning if it wasn't for the mad skillz used in it. Nah, just kidding, people asked and a big orc died. [Orc.04.02.03] Re-equipping, second round. Description in log. [Zau.02.02.03] Leaving corner to hit sesame. Exping with 3 uruks and a L15 warrior while the sun is burning our eyes. [Zau.02.02.03] Ambush at master assassin. Description in log. [Zau.01.02.03] 2vs2, we're playing zaus. Logged by Zgrugh (player of Iomene). [Zau.01.02.03] Looking for trolls finding elves. Three fronts of the war. [Troll.30.01.03] Mid summer and on my way home. Description in log. [Zau.13.01.03] Sometimes it all just ends in PK. Doing the regular re-equip route. [Zau.12.01.03] Wops-i-do! Description in log. [Orc.09.01.03] 3 whities approaching old orc caves. Description in log. [Orc.09.01.03] Fightout on the greenway camp. Description in log. [ 2002 and earlier below, 2003 and later above. ] [Orc.27.11.02] Poison hungry swines. Another fight hosted by the master Assassin. [Orc.26.11.02] Chasing Eder. We're.. chasing Eder. [Elf.16.11.02] Stolb, Vip and Azazello in Moria. We enter through east gate and ponder what to do, when suddenly..! {Orc.08.11.02] Fightout at demons in eregion. A couple of pukes was running around in Eregion, some fled and some made some fought. [Orc.08.11.02] Dwarf and orc fighting it out. Was minding my own business in the fortress at last bridge when suddenly a dwarf decides to pay a visit. [Orc.06.11.02] Whities exping in sewers, and I know who! Let's have a go on these guys for the... fourth time. [Orc.06.11.02] Whities trying to loot themselves. Found a couple of whities near last bridge as the decide to continue their exp I decided to charge them, with Rukan. Two of them dies and this the second time they come back for corpses. [Elf.03.11.02] I'm horny for Sting, so let's kill the trolls. A major slaughter, 1/3 of the entire happening is posted here. [Man.30.10.02] Orc(s) at Necromancer. I got an idea and brought Romin with me to execute it. [Man.29.10.02] Killing shadows can be hazardous. We were ment to go dunlands for me, but in some way we end up at DT.. [Man.28.10.02] Some trolls and a BN in necro. Let's investigate! [Bn.25.10.02] Free exp. The old wight will stay safe for as long as I can protect him! [Orc.19.10.02] Fighting Nibble and Eloin. What does not kill you makes you stronger? [Orc.14.10.02] Fighting linktroubled Dvoraik. He did extremely well for lagging badly/loosing link. Doesn't a say such as "crap link" indicate that s/he wish to be left alone since s/he can't play properly with current connection? [Orc.09.10.02] Fighting Kemmler. It's not to much of a log but its kind is so rare that I find it worth posting. The kind being 1 versus 1. [Orc.08.10.02] A bear. Was almost done repractising and was waiting for a friend to log on when suddenly I feel a sweet stench of soon-to-become-a-steak... [Dwarf.30.09.02] The free Army vs. the Slaves of Sauron. Two parts of one fight in Moria, involves around 20 players, I post it since so many of you asked me to. [Orc.29.09.02] 4vs5. The end of a session. [Orc.21.09.02] Just a little something. It's a fight, it doesn't need a description. [Orc.07.09.02] Pukes heading south. -> -> [Elf.04.09.02] New log. A couple of darkies was hiding behind the ghostly captain door so I and Mikala decide to draw the attention away from GC. If orcs said pukes were around noc the trapped ones would leave their room and die to the group who was waiting just outside.. [Orc.21.08.02] Bitch. My followup whine-reply. Hey, they are not 1, 2, 3 or 4 but 11! [Troll.20.08.02] Just an appetiser. Voff, voff, we're not alone! [Troll.07.07.02] Pukes approaching my castle. I'm just defending my properties. [Orc.04.07.02] Horstats exping, as usual. Leeches, blow-flies, dwarfs, fishes, it's all exp! [Troll.02.07.02] The life outside BBT is tough.. -> -> [Troll.01.07.02] A trap far away from Misites. A huge, maybe my biggest, and spammy log. Little pleasure but to see where, how and when some people died. [Elf.17.06.02] Mr.Sparxxx is loose! I (Alcion) run into Bubba at last bridge and we fool around some(!). We end up in a white portcullis where I block all exits out except for portcullis. As I'm loosing I call for Magica.. here is what happend: [Elf.13.06.02] More than mobs about. We're running around looking for enemies, see what we found: [Orc.13.06.02] I don't like being called a wimp, Kemmler. Look who's running... [Orc.29.05.02] East priest clash. Balthazar saw Ginc scouting east priest's first room via watch room so I run there hoping it will do for scroll or so. [Dwarf.23.05.02] Fight outside Ghostly Captain entrance. Was running around minding our own business, looking for some orcs to slay. [Zau.22.05.02] Regenning under the shadow. A long and spammy log. We're 3 snagas waiting for the sun to set when Shagrath decided to pick a fight. (23.00) [Bn.22.05.02] A tad rusty BN in action. An ordinary fight with a woman abit rusty in her panties. (13.00) [Zau.22.05.02] Galil leading exp. Introduction in the log. (01.00) [Zau.12.05.02] Leaving for the Outpost. Not even close. [Troll.11.05.02] This is how you do BBT these days... Just a lesson in how to kill Bill, Bert and Tom. [Zau.05.05.02] Puke scums raiding our outpost. Here's a few snapshots: [Zau.05.05.02] A peacful evening at warm ledge. I'm falling in love with the zaugurs' again so I post almost any crap. Here's a new one - spam spam log. [Zau.04.05.02] Hashtak in trouble on ABR. He was beeing chased by three whities so I ran cavedoor on ABR to, uhm, keep him company? Ah well. Atleast it's a log where someone die. [Zau.03.05.02] Zigrakh and Vold scouting western noc. -> -> [Orc.24.04.02] Whities in BBT, 3h ago... I find tracks and charge with what I have. [Orc.20.04.02] Scouting sewers. Elirion just fled north while I was guarding north gate of Tharbad and my leader was chasing it. As I wait for him to come south I take a peek in the sewers. [Orc.18.04.02] Saving some equipment. A friend died in BBT where two pukes had charged him, these two pukes died too. I, Tarden, Diamonium and Hark ran there to retreive his corpse. [Orc.12.04.02] Saving trolls at filthy. What we "knew" was that some trolls had been chased out from DT while clearing it, they were now hiding in filthy and "shitloads" of pukes were about to charge. We gathered what we had and lurked around in the shadows nearby. [Orc.08.04.02] A new log. -> -> [Orc.26.03.02] Just my axe in action. Crap log, just an example of when an mda is useful on an orc. [Orc.25.03.02] Evil is lurking in there... Ran into Ethne in east priest but something was fishy, then all of a sudden Falemir appears. Something was going on for sure! [Elf.21.03.02] Fighting 2 bns south of Amanrandil. Anything can be done if you have got a plan! (not much of a log) [Dwarf.13.03.02] Mammoth, Sharmak and Naksur in sewers. I (Khim), Helga and Elmir ran Tharbad to fight the orcs, we end up in the master assassin area. [Dwarf.12.03.02] Fälla! (trap!) Eww... [Dwarf.12.03.02] Battle at the ruins of old Fornost. -> [Dwarf.08.03.02] A good spammer or a dude with link? -> [Orc.08.03.02] Whities at demon cave in Eregion. I saw tracks of 5 whities going south at stepping stones and had pre-called for some backup, but as I spoke with them I kept tracking. I finally end up at demon caves.. [Bn.28.02.02] Gris and Lomek spotted at Tharbad. I and Ilmacill had been running around for a while and Ilmacill had even managed to die exhausted to rangers at one point. Anyway, we had fought Gris and Lomek 15 mins before this adventure begin so we knew they were around. [Orc.19.02.02] "I saw two dwarves slag pit" let's investigate! [Dwarf.15.02.02] Atastor narrates 'hunter' We had just left dragon to kill guardian, and we were heading east when this narrate came up. I (Khim) was leading on Nibble while Maegnas was leading on the dragon-group. [Dwarf.12.02.02] Rescue skirmish at slag pit. [Orc.05.02.02] Dwarf in Misty Mountains. Description -> [Dwarf.02.02.02] A battle outside Caravanserai. Descritpion in log. [Dwarf.01.02.02] Bloodwight dies. All grudges within the group are forgotten when evil lurks near by... [Dwarf.30.01.02] Bad luck. [Dwarf.27.01.02] Found 5 orc tracks leading into GC. Was tracking down 5 hungry wargs, we end up outside ghostly captain where I let Forin take the lead since I don't know the randoms. We sanc Forin and hope for a fight east of GC but it seemed as if they were doing mobs and we couldn't get in. As we walked out we figured "duh, let's just go in when a few mobs die!" - so we go in again, resanc (me too, this time) and enter ghostly Captain. [Elf.23.01.02] I'm just venturing the misty mountains. Descritpion in log. [Zau.23.01.02] Payback time. After beeing chased from Amanrandil, up on greenway and all the way east to last bridge I thought I was safe. As I was resting moves at tmt the two followers of the nasty elf-stalker arrives. I run to the zaugurz orc caves and find myself a buddy; Helzok. [Zau.21.01.02] I was just resting moves in Musty. Beeing level 21 and all I was horny for some player-killing, and perhaps some new equipment. So I was heading south, aiming at Tharbad. This time I didn't have to travel so far... [Zau.17.01.02] Fighting at Zaugurz orc caves. I was just doing my duty which was to attack the enemy! [Zau.14.01.02] Tribal war, the snagas shoot-out. We were doing some re-equip and headed for the skeleton warriors east of noc. See the log to find out what happend! [Orc.11.01.02] I'm just falling and falling... My days of glory have obviously past, just read this log and the log below. [Orc.07.01.02] Orc vs. Dwarf, part II Description in log, hopefully. [Orc.05.01.02] Grassy Trail turns into Bloody Trail. A minor big fight around grassy trail - description in log. [Orc.24.12.01] A full war broke out in sewers. Log featuring: Verminaard, Lookhu, Gimilzor, Keldorn, Bornack, Milzok and Shagrath. Where and what is written in the log. [Orc.10.12.01] 'A Half-Elf, a Hobbit, a Man, and some Dwarves are here at A Steep Tunnel!' I and Jaanor were regaining some in cave - I was just low hps and Jaanor was fighting vs. the venom in his veins. [Orc.09.12.01] A skirmish in Tharbad. Gimilzor asked for help regarding 4 whities in sewers, we ran down to Tharbad to aid him. [Orc.08.12.01] Jaanor and Verminaard fighting at crazed. We had fought this group earlier and were just waiting for them to attack a mob so we could charge... the tracks lead down to crazed dwarf on Moria west wall. [Orc.06.12.01] What could've been 3 vs. 3 ended up beeing... I was leading 2 orcs around, we were just about to leave sewers when something strange was going on -> [Maia.03.12.01] Lahnborg vs. Setanta [Troll.02.12.01] Trolls around Bree, not so unusual these days. I was leading on two trolls and Dork was leading on two other trolls. After some mindless fighting I end up all alone, in the middle of the road... [Orc.29.11.01] Nasty end of what could be a fair fight. Verminaard's life end abruptly - if I spammed right dirs I might've just reached the randoms and survived. Also note how many flees it takes for me to get anywhere. [Dwarf.19.10.01] Khim leading a group for 3 trolls. I had been leading around 15 ppl for 2 or so hours and was about to rent when I heard about 3 trolls in spirit castle. At that moment I was leading on Ragni and Farok, Rog joined too. Nothing spectacular about the log, at all, maybe just something to read while waiting for the 30/5 min rule... [Elf.19.10.01] Falathrim vs. Willow soul, 2nd round. Tried to solo soul two days ago (17/10/01) but failed miserably since no sword loaded. So I waited for reboot to be "sure" of sword to load, this is my second attempt (level 26 at the time). [Orc.19.10.01] Verminaard at Fornost. I knew Zhrek was around and I had my mind set on spanking him some. I run old Fornost at hurt after fleeing from rangers at witch - knowing that they WILL follow me... [Orc.18.10. 01] Verminaard and Dragoth looking for dwarves. We fought some various whities at the Rivendell vale. Dragoth mentioned 3 dwarves but we never saw them, he suggested that we go search for them in the misties... [Man.17.10.01] Beregar with group at demon caves. I and Beota were out pking some, one thing lead to another - Beota died to demon wolves and Focus in eregion. A group was gathered quite fast and this is what happend: [Orc.16.10.01] Verminaard vs. Nain. I was heading west from priest, had just picked up some draught shit and planned on a quick solo-raid out west. I found something to fight a bit earlier than expected... [Bn.15.10.01] Vanimelde and Lanfear around ford. We had been running around for about 2 days and found NOTHING to fight. Some idiot elf fought together with Glyneth the Woman at fordable but decided to leave. In our rage we killed the woman, went warrens, slept full, stored 2fballs and went out again... [Bn.15.09.01] Vanimelde and Mummo in old Fornost. I and Mummo were just out on a raid in zones west of Nen-i-Sul. Arriving at Fornost we checked the abandoned, older city. See what we found! [Bn.15.09.01] Vanimelde vs. 6 I was lurking around Tharbad looking for pukes, found some outside Thirsty Ranger's Inn. [Troll.30.08.01] OB is back! Just logged on after a shutdown, realizing what I just had to play - TRULL! [Orc.19.08.01] Verminaard and Lanfear in Malardil. We knew about a group of 3 exping around and it was that group we were looking for. [Various] Burp One. Burp Two. Burp Three. Burp Four. Burp five.

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