Poland, my view.

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[2004.10.05] Had chemistry yesterday, I got what I expected. It won't be too easy. This morning we had a 3h lecture in anatomy, our prof. was aproximately 90 years old. Our best so far. Histology begins next week. Best adventure this week: The receptionist handing out/missplacing my key. Had to stay in my room for 12h, weoooow!
[2004.09.30] We had a ceremony in school today, where we were officialy declared as students of the Uni. Arrived at 10 only to be told that we had to get back at 11.40. We wore "gospelgowns" and those neat, square hats, all in blue. The Dean and his crew wore velvet robes and fitting hats, it did remind of a religious ordern. Later tonight there's a party held for the new students in a bunker close to you! [2004.09.29] The past: We ordered food from a pizzera this monday: 1 chicken and 2 cheeseburgers with fries. After the supposedly 30min delivery (2h) they came with our drinks and the chicken. They were out of hamburger- bread and forgot(?) the fries, but they offered to come back with it. We declined. I decided to make some food of my own.., so did 6 other persons. I, Oskar and Jonathan ended up leaving the dorm for the evening. Nothing happend tuesday, played basketball and got lightly sprained my ankle, I'm fine though! Today, wednesday, I wrote a polish exam, which wasn't too hard. The never- ending sczjit-combinations are the killers though.
[2004.09.26] Yesterday: Another night at Barbados, this time we were a million scandinavians plus some random americans. We followed Barbados up with "Y.R.B". The usually disgusting kebab tasted like heaven at 5 in the morning. Oskar showed his true self, oh what a glorious moment! Haven't done much today, played some basketball and am about to turn to my polish books. [2004.09.24-5] Went to "Barbados" followed by "Parliament". Barbados was great fun whilst P wasn't to hot. Got home at 5, got up at 9. Did the dishes, played basketball for 45minutes and left for Gdyna (the northern city of "Tricity") with Alexandra, Jonathan, Rebecka and Thomas went there. Got home around 16, played basketball at 18, going out in a few hours. [2004.09.22] I found the pot'n'pan. [2004.09.22] Funny instincts: The elevator stops between two levels. Four or five people in the elevator and the first thing that happens is that one out of these starts jumping "to get it going". The entire thing was "bouncing". Theft 3: Lost my pan and pot. [2004.09.21] Earthquake occured around 15.30. Dorota got impressed by mine and Oskars new polish vocabulary. According to our teacher in physics everything that can be solved is easy. Oskar forgot his new notes at friday's. [2004.09.20] Sketchy cab ride two: The taxidriver was laughing and screaming for ten minutes straight. I have no clue what he said. On the way to lecture Oskar managed to throw his books and notes in the trash together with the... trash. Bye-bye.
[2004.09.19] I and Oskar beat the hell out of two 10-years-old, we owned the extremely rough basketballcourt. Are you impressed? I am. Sidenote We have a cleaner removing the garbage from the kitchen. Some people took into system leaving their garbage in there. Yes, of course I commented it, yes, of course he went out with the garbage. [2004.09.18] Not even close to hung over. Got up at nine, had a raw double cheese- burger for breakfast at McDonalds. Went back to Old Town and had a lunch; Oskar ate half a potatoe. Back at the dorm I 'shot sum' hoops'. [2004.09.17] Went to a nice restaurant with six others (Alexandra, Hilde, Jonathan, Maria, Rebecka, Thomas) followed by two clubs. Amazed that I woke up at home. Theft 2: I went to take a shower, 9am. The entire dorm is asleep. When you go to the shower you enter the laundryroom, to the right you find the toilets and straight forward the showers. So, I took my shower, went into the laundry room, put down my shampoo and my bottle of water on the washingmachine. I visit the mens room for a maximum of two minutes. When I came out someone had STOLEN MY SHAMPOO. I couldn't do anything but laugh. I hope s/he'll enjoy my odeur... [2004.09.14] Biology. Polish. Biology. Working nine to fiv... six. [2004.09.13] 3h of histology, the prof. was good. Polish. 3h of anatomy, the teacher suggested we "start even if the teacher migh be late, just unveal the bodies and begin". No problem. [2004.09.12] The first lecture, biology for 3h. The teacher's english was a bit sketchy, but it worked out fine. Polish-classes extended to 1.5h.
[2004.09.09] Went to Sopot to check out some nightclubs; all the other 50 students who signed for saturday had a chanh3>ge of mind and came too. Odd. [2004.09.03-08] The scheduled 1.5h tours and lectures ended up in 3min reviews of where different people worked (our Tutor and Magdalena). 45min polish/day. Theft 1. Sometime during this week two girls at the third floor lost theirs computers, the burglars climbed the barred windows and entered through the balconies. [2004.09.01] Arrived in Gdansk, Poland. The grey clouds went well together with the grey buildings. The first impression was "crap".