Character statistics, darkies first.
Changed name from Rädd.
Made: 11 June, 1998
You are a male Orc.
You are 75 years, 10 months and 15 days old. 
You have played 10 days and 5 hours (real time).
This ranks you as Orcobal Rask (level 29).
You are five feet four and weigh seven stone and thirteen pounds.
Perception: vision 25, hearing 10, smell 20. Alertness: normal.
You are totally corrupted by the Evilness of Morgoth!
You are welcome in Goblin Town.
You are carrying fifty-two pounds of equipment. A tad uncomfortable, but no
Your base abilities are: Str:17 Int:11 Wis:8 Dex:18 Con:16 Wil:11 Per:17.
Newbie age stats (38y.): Str:16 Int:11 Wis:6 Dex:19 Con:14 Wil:12 Per:18
Offensive Bonus: 72%, Dodging Bonus: 18%, Parrying Bonus: 91%.
Your armour protects 2% of your body.
You have 310/310 hit, 75/75 mana, and 61/144 movement points.
You will flee if your hit points go below 200. Your mood is wimpy.
You have scored 9,453,358 experience points and you have 56,371 travel points.
You have gained 53 war points in battles against good.
You need 846,642 exp. points and 0 travel points to reach the next level.
You have 40 gold coins, 10 silver pennies, and 10 copper pennies.
You are speaking Orkish.
You are trying to sneak.
You will swim if necessary.
You will climb if necessary.

Skill / Spell          Knowledge  Difficulty Class      Mana Casting time
Climb                  Average    Very easy  General   
Swim                   Average    Very easy  General   
Track                  Superb     Normal     General   
Wilderness             Superb     Normal     General   
Detect invisibility    Awful      Normal     Shaman        7, Very short
Invisibility           Bad        Hard       Shaman        9, Short
Cure light             Bad        Easy       Shaman       12, Very short
Attack                 Very good  Normal     Scout     
Backstab               Excellent  Hard       Scout     
Dodge                  Excellent  Hard       Scout     
Hide                   Excellent  Normal     Scout     
Pick                   Average    Normal     Scout     
Piercing weapons       Excellent  Normal     Scout     
Sneak                  Excellent  Hard       Scout     
Endurance              Average    Very hard  Warrior   
Parry                  Good       Normal     Warrior   

Ramtir - Made 28th of June, 1998
Krossen - Made 31st of Octobre, 1998
Vanimelde - Made 16th of Octobre, 1998
Ephel - Made 20th of Novembre, 1999