Mail 2 : mail @Toker (Gurgel) Written on Thu Apr 13 18:13:14 2000 DIN LAM FITTA tror du inte jag va afk i ooc kanske så jävla fegt

//Toker, Elestir and LillKnotan killed Gurgel while he was afk inside Old Orc Caves - don't expect to live when you're afk you idiot. (He was afk walking his dog, as his title said). //

Mail 1 : you @Orcobal (Aegir) Written on Sun Mar 19 12:50:45 2000 you're a piece of shit get your own kills piece of shi

Mail 1 : @Forin @Toker @Emroth @Drun (Gimbatûl) Written on Sat Mar 25 01:01:41 2000 Don't really know how to describe players like you. Guess you know it inside yourselves.... you guys just suck. 4 mega-high legends waiting windswept for orc scout in sun... same 4 mega-high pukes come for orc scout lvl 27 and a fucking bn scout... thats a fucking joke! Start playing for risks... start going solo... you are still pukes and have the advantage! Gimbatul ( ppl like you should play another mud with players like Pandion and Vainamoinen, goodby! ) Gimbatul