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Here's an archive if you'd like to see some shitty logs too!
Logs from year 2000 and later will be put up below.
(Eldest logs are from 991118)
Player of: Ramtir, Orcobal, Ephel, VanimeldŽ, Krossen, Toker, Ermon, Falathrim, Khim and Alcion.

Some logs are located at another address, because of the size of 'em.

Vridush, Rhuka, Ramtir near Tharbad. I scout inside the city walls some.
Logged: 000812, by Ramtir
Two bored trolls hear 'bout dwarf. Dwarf eat 400ob smites.
Logged: 000724, by Krossen
Alarm! Pukes doing bw. 3 tracks, 3 orcs. But only two show up?
Logged: 000711, by Ramtir
I ponder around cluelessly, Belemoth smites - Mikala dies.
Logged: 000710, by Ramtir
Stick to the old tracks, it pays.
Logged: 000607, by Krossen
A quick and easy death and fall for a poor bn.
Logged: 000603, by Vanimelde
Pilgrim gets lured to death by evil speak.
Logged: 000603, by Vanimelde
- Barabomba log is gone, some aliens probably stole it? *fume*
Logged: 0006XX, by Vanimelde
We were some 10 pukes vs. 10 orcs at noc. "NSL"-casters charge.
Logged: 000523, by Toker
Gimilzor gets a good start after retierment.
Logged: 000514, by GimilzŰr (stolen)
Vanimelde saves Valacel from mob-death?
Logged: 000505, by VanimeldŽ
Krossen fight the sun, fourth attempt.
Logged: 000503, by Krossen
Toker and Galadon charge Smrt + 4 at fence.
Logged: 000425, by Toker
Someone die.
Logged: 000419, by Toker
Thilax and Toker block themselves in with 4 orcs. [Extr. long]
Less action, close to the kills - the log continues.
Corpses created and the fight ends - the log continues.
Logged: 000418, by Toker
Shadrach, Shake, Dragoth enters cellar on Lowyn.
Logged: 000416, by Fardin (sent)
Two trolls sundie at Icedoor, one gets away.
Logged: 000414, by Krossen
Vilket jšvla pucko? Njaem.
Logged: 000413, by Toker
4 pukes charge 3 darkies at Barbaras.
Logged: 000412, by Toker
A lesson in how not to start a day with a bn:
Logged: 000411, by VanimeldŽ
I don't like thieves, remove them.
Logged: 000408, by Ephel
Fuckup of this month.
Logged: 000503, by Toker
Maybe I'm supposed not to play puke mage?
Logged: 000325, by Toker
For those who cared, the tale where Tairach and Kostej dies.
Logged: 000324, by Toker
A fight vs. a few hobbits at Ferny, Bill Ferny.
Logged: 000321, by Krossen
Aegir shouldn't ask cluless pukes for help.
Logged: 000319, by Orcobal.
Kill or be killed, an open fight till death.
Logged: 000319, by Draaz (Sent)
Frodoh dies under Tower hills, near Grey Havens.
Logged: 000318, by Stormblast (Sent)
Niebooki dies near Grey Havens, not very exciting.
Logged: 000318, by Orcobal
Stab or be stabbed, that is the question.
Logged: 000317, by Orcobal
Lookhu jump us.. and die.
Logged: 000303, by Toker
Stable-trap in Tharbad springs.
Logged: 000217, by VanimeldŽ
Dorfl bites the dust.
Logged: 000208, by Krossen
Obelix eats it in high moors, * 2.
Logged: 000118, by Orcobal
I flee to "corner", no plans of baiting.
Logged: 991216, by Krossen
Krossen and Mosaren vs. Furfoot
Logged: 991214, by Krossen
Ramtir and Cyd jumps Bagr and Aranwe.
Logged: 991118, by Ramtir