-The few required directions:

From Vance in Astar:

Maze of Tunnels (to Vance): w 2s 3w u e s 2e s 2e 5s 3e s 12e s (up is Inn) Orc mountain: n 12w n 3w n Haven: n 12w n 3w 7n 2e 7n e d 2w d 5n 2e 2n e n e 7n 2w n
(nwu to the Inn)


From Fornaker in Haven:

Arak-Kur:* e 3n 2w n 4w 2nĄ 3n, enter bushes, e 4n, unlock hatch, open hatch, w, open trapdoor, up 2nĄ - The Half-Orcs has got a brass key to the hatch * - The gate is VERY dangerous, don't walk to much north on the muddy path!

From Giant Troll in Orc Mountain:

Above the Crack: 3s w n w 2s e s u * Beware of Magus

From Village Square in Duur-Halla:

To Karnakian Glacier:
8w 3s 2w 3n w 4n w n w n w n w 4e n w n 3n w 2n

From Turning Point (tp):

To Monster in the Pool:
8n e n 2e n e 2n 3w 5n 2w n 2w n w d e 2s 3w 3s 4e n 2e s 3e d s 3w 4s 2e s e

(A) = Alkon the Patriarch (H) = Hedda the Sorceress

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